Twenty Years of Experience in the Hearth Industry
We have been designing hearth products since the EPA changes in the late 1980’s. Each stove we design builds on that elapsed experience and knowledge. We understand stove technology. This allows us to bring a greater level of completion to the preliminary design phases. Imagine complex sketch assemblies that allow you to make informed decisions about part costs, assembly complexity, and product costs, without spending unnecessary CAD engineering hours to determine the viability of a product. Coupled with concept drawings, you can make rapid informed decisions for marketing and engineering objectives, before detailing a design direction.
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Function-filled Cast Bay Window Detail
Fireplace Products International, LTD.
Clydesdale Wood Insert Assembly Sketch
Hearthstone Stoves
The Hearth
Cast Iron
Primary Air Flow Diagram
Hearthstone Stoves
1991 Casting Documentation
Hearthstone Stoves