Expertise with Cast Iron Assemblies
Cast iron is a beautiful material. To produce cast iron efficiently dictates that the design not cause difficulty for the manufacturer. There are draft and tolerance requirements to the material that must be taken into account during the early design stages. We have been designing cast components for the stove industry since 1988, and during this time, we have learned how to cut cost, increase function, and make beautiful each cast component.
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Cast Iron
C770 Wood Insert
Hergóm Industries, S.A.
CAD Cross-section, Clydesdale Wood Insert
HearthStone Stoves
CAD Cross-section, Tribute Gas Stove
HearthStone Stoves
Expertise with Cast Iron Parts
Good part design practices require cast components to have a consistent wall thickness. This implies that there is little difference between the interior and exterior of a stove. We understand the needs of both, and this allows us to create better a beautiful aesthetic and an efficient function in each stove we design.
Heritage Wood Stove Enamel
Hearthstone Stoves
The Hearth